Meteo Fusion

Meteo Fusion 1.5

A little gadget to show you the weather conditions
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Meteo Fusion shows the weather information of your city on your desktop and in your system tray.
It uses the servers to download the weather data of many cities of the world. You can see all the information related to rain, visibility, atmosphere, wind direction and intensity, etc.
The program is very good-looking and easy to handle, you just need to make a search on the configuration panel to select your city, any options are related on how to display the information, and how frequently we need to update the weather data.
Although it can predict the atmospheric conditions of the next ten days, of course the accuracy of these predictions could not be assured since it changes every day.
In sum, I think it is a very convenient tool for all who want to be permanently informed about the weather conditions. You can even improve the application downloading the VB 2005 source code if you are a developer. Please note that this software requires .NET framework 2.0, you can download it for free from Microsoft's site.

Review summary


  • Very, VERY stylish. Skinnable, adjustable transparency...nice!


  • The process consumes 30 MB of RAM! Well, it's a .NET application after all
  • Spanish language not available :(
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